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Virtual Assistants

  Virtual Assistants by PEN

  Tasks that Virtual Assistants can do for you -

   1. Social Media Marketing 

   2. Guerilla Marketing 

   3. Making banners, videos and their editing. 

    4. Networking

   5. Generating Leads

   6. Managing your appointments

   7. Managing admin tasks

   8. Online research

   9. Searching and using AI tools for you. 

Retail price $15 per hour. 

Get $8 per hour discount. 

Sign up today for $7 per hour. Minimum 20 hours a month. 

Seats are limited. 

Call us now on WhatsApp to book or for any questions on +447886962647.

PS: Looking for someone with Leadership, Management and Sales Skills, we can help.

Send us a WhatsApp message now and  we will be in touch on +447886962647.

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