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PEN 360 Happiness

PEN 360 Property Happiness 


PEN 360 stems from the fact that life needs to be designed from how you want it and then the property strategy thats most suitable for you, so a 360 degrees designed life for freedom and happiness. 

We cover a wide range of strategies available so you can pick and choose the one you want to scale and have full knowledge of available opportunities, when one strikes, that you are ready for it.

The ones we cover are - 

1. Planning uplifts - make £50k to £1m+ from a single deal with the least effort. 

2. Development projects - let us show you how we made £700k in a development project of £4m GDV. 

3. Refurb projects - let us show you how we added value of £120k working 3 months part time on a single deal. 

4. Hotels - Let us show you how we added £250k equity from a single deal and added £47,000 per annum to our passive rental income. 

5. Sourcing Below Market Value Properties and or Developments - let me show you you can find below market value deals every single day and keep adding equity in your portfolio. 

6. HMO's - fastest growing market for passive income for investors who like higher return than buy to let. Let me show you how you can find, analyse and profit from this strategy. 

7. BTL's - we do cover it but don't recommend it anymore. 



1. Live consulting once a week and get access to over 185 hours of pre-recorded Premium Trainings. 24/7 call access for any specific questions. 

2. Learn how to build your own portfolio with little of your own money and PEN business structure will help you to build your own portfolio.

3. Want to start doing your own development deals, learn from seasoned investors behind the scene on how to become a developer and start building your own portfolio. 

4. Learn how to find the best deals, get funding, raise external money, make the projects profitable, rinse & repeat and scale. 

5. Learn how to use technology to leverage your business. 

6. Learn how to expand your investors database with PEN. Then get access to property deals from us to sell to your investors database. An example would be, sell a £2m property deal, total commission is 2% so in this case £40k, you will get £20k from just one deal.

7. Upload your properties on PEN and have investors call you directly for free and if we help you sell faster through our investor database then we split commission.

8. Full consulting from PEN regarding your property investment & development skills. 

9. Sales & Negotiation Skills 

10. Marketing & Lead Generation Skills 

11. Learn how to Strategically Position Yourself to Stand Out and Scale

12. Learn how to Build a Strong Personal and Professional Brand. 

13. Learn how to raise external money to leverage your business growth. 

14. PEN's Brand Credibility will help you build your own business much faster.

15. Learn how to grow a network to leverage your business. 

16. Learn how to fill 700+ people events. 

17. We work like a family

Existing students sharing their experience here - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOtAJDZxciZNxkBVQMqgZwVSSmkLbuVoz

Biggest Sale ever in PEN.

Retail price of this program is £50,000. 

If you sign up before the spaces finish, you will get £38,072 Discount. So your investment in yourself is £497 a month and you can bring your business partners and life partner for absolutely free. 

Only 1 space left. This offer ends 4th December 2023 midnight. 

You can sign up from here - https://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/plans/subscribe?plan_id=P-3ES21174GX5465825MVPSMYY

Once done or for any questions, please call us on 07886962647.