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PEN Partners Program 

Make £100k to £1M+*

PEN is the World's 1st Property Social Media Platform and by joining our Partners Program, you will get Premium Property, Leadership, Marketing, Creativity and Pursuasion Trainings worth £50,000 for Absolutely Free*

How to achieve extraordinary results through this program - 

PEN - Property Entrepreneurs Network 

Partners Program



Meet your given targets and get £50,000 worth of Premium Property, Leadership, Marketing, Creativity, Strategy & Persuasion Trainings for Free and Become a Certified Property Consultant too. 

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Personally, introduce investors and developers for property deals.

You get 50% commission

Example - £2m property deal, 3% commission = £60k

You get £30k

Example – Finance £10m development loan = conservative £50k commission

You get £25k

Recommend us for property consulting. 

You get up to 10% commission –

Example - £100k project fees – you get £10k

Recommend us Investors who will invest in our projects.

You will get 1% broker fee

An example, someone invests £1m, you will get £10k broker fee.

Target are – 

For the agent to get all £50k worth of premium property trainings, you must meet your targets. Targets are –

  1. You must do one event a month either physical or virtual in your region under the PEN umbrella. You will be given an exclusive region of you choice depending on the availability. 

  2. Tag one post a day of Jack Dawhra on all your commercial social profiles sharing content. 

  3. Make 3 introductions a week either of an investor or a developer with PEN. 

Other PEN members sharing their experiences - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOtAJDZxciZNxkBVQMqgZwVSSmkLbuVoz&feature=shared

One deal of £10m with an overage of 5% can make you £500k, we can show you how to do this. Or multiple deals reaching that level. We will help you skill up in the journey to help you reach that level and help you every step of the way. 

Call or WhatsApp us now on +447886962647. 

All above are potential profits and are dependent on how much work you put in and your skills*

Profits are heavily dependent on deal-by-deal basis*. 

Check with your partners program manager.