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PEN Appointed Representative

Staggering 80% off the joining fee, offer ends 1st March 2023. 


Either you are in a job, work from home or lead your own business, becoming an appointed representative of PEN will help you create substantial income to help you create the lifestyle you always wanted.

Either you want to spend more time with your family or go on more holidays or need to look after your loved ones and need to work from home, being an appointed representative will allow you to work from home and create substantial income and build your portfolio.

This is a self-employed position for only seriously driven people who are prepared to learn.



1. Key skills required to grow your property business is to be able to attract the right investors, landlords, agents and deals. We will help you organise your own events in your local region allowing you to attract the investors and deals. (we are doing the biggest online property event of UK of over 1000 people, we will show you how you can do this for yourself, get access to over 100 hours of pre recorded trainings)

3. Learn how to expand your investors database with PEN. Then get access to property deals from us to sell to your investors database. An example would be, sell a £2m property deal, total commission is 2% so in this case £40k, you will get £20k from just one deal.

4. Upload your properties on PEN and have investors call you directly for free and if we help you sell faster through our investor database then we split commission. 

5. Refer your investors to us for their property finance requirements and get 50% commission. An example is a £10m development or bridge loan leads to a £50k commission, you will get £25k commission on it just from one deal. Reaching a 6-figure income becomes so much easier when the deals are bigger in size.

6. Full support and training from PEN regarding your Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Lead Generation. 

7. PEN Representatives team will help you leverage your business many times over. We work like a family. 

8. PEN's Brand Credibility will help you build your own business much faster.

9. Learn how to build a Strong Personal and Professional Brand. 

10. Earn money on multiple levels when you recommend business. 

Existing students sharing their experience here - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOtAJDZxciZNxkBVQMqgZwVSSmkLbuVoz

Normal Joining fee £1000 per month. Get it today for £199 per month. Offer ends 1st March 2023. 

Only 1 more position available. You can join from here - 


Once done, please send us a message on +447886962647. 


1. Would I get more deals done and make some cash so I could build my own portfolio?

Yes, if you put the effort in. 

2. How would I learn the skills to get the deals done? 

By group mentoring once a week. 

3. How much can I actually make in a year? 

Please bear in mind it's a self-employed position so your effort determines your success however 6-7 figure income is very much achievable. 

4. How long will it take to close the 1st deal? 

3-6 months as it takes time to build the network and find the right kind of investors to start closing deals. 

5. Am I building my own business or for PEN? 

You are building your own business for yourself with the support of PEN. 

6. Where can I be in 5-10 years’ time with PEN? 

You can build a substantial business by learning to build the network with PEN and learning to close deals.

8. Do you guarantee that we will close deals? 

No. Your guarantee is in your efforts. If you put the work in, we don't see why you would not close the deals. 

9. Why do you charge to join? 

Because we need to cover our expenses for support & structure. 

10. Why are we doing this? 

We want to help people like yourself who are determined to close more deals and grow your portfolio eventually benefiting yourself and growing PEN in the process. Most of us have families to look after and pay our bills, including us. 

Existing Reps sharing their experience here - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOtAJDZxciZNxkBVQMqgZwVSSmkLbuVoz

This is an opportunity of a lifetime so not to be missed.