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  "Most Content Man on the Planet"


1. I have written this book from the perspective that one day my 2 kids will read this book as well and live a content life. 

2. Through this book, you will be able to increase the level of your contentment and peace and stay consistently content wherever you are. 

3. At the end of the book, I will also share on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being top most Content, where I'm, at this moment of my journey. 

4. Being Suicidal, an Immigrant in UK and alone, helped me focus on my personal growth and get clarity on what I wanted from life.

5. Then from clarity to contentment is a journey we will be sharing in this book. 

6. I hope this book will help you find that contentment you are looking for in your life. 

7. How I went from being frustrated everyday of my life with relationships, work and everything around me to being content, irrespective of what's happening around me now. 

8. Being content and peaceful with yourself in the middle of chaos is the name of the game. 

9. Actionable steps that you will learn to find peace and contentment in your life. 

10. Will share personal anecdotes and how I dealt with all sorts of challenges in my life. 

11. Everyone faces challenges however how you deal with them is what will decide, either you become frustrated or content. 

Expected release date is 1st March 2024

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